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Myosin XI

updated 12/3/03

Myosin XI is expressed in algal and higher plant cells.  It is a double headed molecule that walks processively along actin in 35nm steps toward the barbed end of actin filaments (Tominaga et al, 2003).  This is a very fast motor achieving 7 mm/sec, but with a reduced force (0.5pN) compared to other myosins (Tominaga et al, 2003).
The structure of myosin XI is similar to Myosin V (Kinkema & Schiefelbein, 1994).
The light chains may be either calmodulin itself or calmodulin-like proteins

Kinkema, M. & Schiefelbein, J. (1994) A myosin from a higher plant has structural similarities to class V myosins. J.Mol.Biol. 239, 591-597.

Tominaga, M., Kojima, H., Yokota, E., Orii, H., Nakamori, R., Katayama, E., Anson, M., Shimmen, T. & Oiwa, K. (2003) Higher plant myosin XI moves processively on actin with 35 nm steps at high velocity. EMBO J. 22, 1263-1272.

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