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Sutherland Maciver's  Amoeba Research 

My research with amoebae is concerned with the production of novel antibacterial compounds derived from amoebal products, and the biology of two groups of marine amoebae.  One group are Cyst forming, Semi- Marine AmoeboFlagellates (C-SMAFs) within the Vahlkampfiidae, the other are very small limax amoebae with a tendency to transform into a flabellate morphology (Dimorphamoeba).  These are to be found in supra-littoral rock pools where the conditions require amoebae to be able to withstand increased salinity and desiccation through evaporation, and decreased salinity through rain.  As well as substantial changes in temperature.  Until this work, only one member of this group (Heteramoeba clara) was known and I have discovered many more very different amoeba within this group.  It seems that the supra-littoral zone may host a hitherto unknown biodiversity of specialist amoeba?


Cyst forming, Semi- Marine AmoeboFlagellates (C-SMAFs)

Dimorphamoeba, A new genera of small amoebo-flagellates.

Locomotion of Heteramoeba clara.

Locomotion of Naegleria gruberi.

Amoebics Ltd, A small biotech company producing novel antibiotic compounds derived from amoebal products.





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