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Page updated 21/4/03

Originally places in the family Echinamoebidae (Page, 1975), Stachyamoeba has since been placed in the class Heterolobosea after scrutiny at the E.M. level (Page, 1987).  To date, the only characterised member of this genus is Satchyamoeba lipophora an amoeba of length 22mm isolated from agricultural soil in Fife, Scotland.  This amoeba alternates between a Vahlkampfiid-like eruptive mode to a flattened, expanded morphology (much as I have found with Heteramoeba clara).  The species name arises from the possession of a single very prominent and large lipid body.  S. lipophora produces a cyst of diameter 10mm.  The outer layer has crenulations giving these cysts a similar appearance to some members of the genus Acanthamoeba.  A Stachyamoeba sp. strain is available from the ATCC (see below) that was isolated in 1990 from the Atlantic ocean by T.K Sawyer, the 16S ribosomal RNA gene has been sequenced.


Available strains:-
Stachyamoeba lipophora CCAP 1579/1 (Page, 1975)  
Stachyamoeba sp.  ATCC 50324 16S-like ribosomal RNA gene AF011461


Page, F.C. (1975) A new family of amoebae with fine pseudopodia. Zool.J.Linn.Soc. 56, 73-89.

Page, F. C. (1987) Transfer of Stachyamoeba lipophora to the Class Heterolobosea. Arch.Protistenkd. 133, 191-197.

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