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The Dynamic Cell

Practical V


Experiment 1 (below)

Experiment 2

S. Maciver 



Your first task was to determine the density of the cell suspension using a haemocytometer (left).  The answer was ~2 x 106 for those that took the practical on  8th Jan '03, and ~3x 106 for the remaining students who had the practical on the 15th Jan '03. 


Cell Dilution
The cell density was measured at 2 x 106/ml
(or 3 x 106 15th Janí03 )
The experiment required a density of 1.5 x 106/ml
1.5 x 106/ml
2.0 x 106/ml  is 0.75
A volume of 500 ml of cells at 1.5 x 106/ml is required
0.75 x 500 = 375 ml  so take 375 ml of the cell suspension
And add 125 ml of SM media
The experiment was set up as figure (left)
The edge of the slot in which the cells were added can be seen at the bottom of the figure.  Cells have crawled under the agarose toward the folic acid slot beyond the top of this figure.
Distance from the edge of the slot to the first two cells was measured the next morning.
 Control cells had reached the other slot having crawled toward the source all night.  This makes a fair comparison impossible yet the results still indicate that the inhibitors effectively slowed chemotaxis.  A comparison of the distance that the cells took in the opposite direction shows that these inhibitors also slowed the cell locomotory rate.
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