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The Acanthopodida

Page updated 11/7/02

Class: Acanthopodida  Order: Acanthamoebidae Genera; Acanthamoeba, Balamuthia, Filamoeba, Gephyramoeba

In common with all present classification of the amoeba, the concepts of the Class Acanthopodida and the other grouping herein is not universally accepted and will no doubt be revised and expanded, however, this is my best guess. The idea that the disparate genera, Acanthamoeba, Balamuthia, Filamoeba and Gephyramoeba form a natural grouping comes from SSUrDNA analysis (Amaral Zettler et al, 2000).


Amaral Zettler, L. A., Nerad, T. A., O'Kelly, C. J., Peglar, M. T., Gillevet, P. M., Silberman, J. D. & Sogin, M. L. (2000) A molecular reassessment of the Leptomyxid amoebae. Protist. 151, 275-282.

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