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Page updated 11/8/02

The Acrasis genus was placed in the order (Acrasida) because of its slime mould character together with Pocheina.   However, morphological similarities between Acrasis and members of the were observed by Page (Page,1978), and a new class Heterolobosea was erected to unite the Schizopyrinida and Acrasidae (Page & Blanton, 1985). Evidence for this relationship has been obtained by sequence analysis of glyceraldehyde -3- phopshate dehydrogenase genes from Acrasis rosea and Naegleria andersoni (Roger et al, 1996). It remains to be determined if the Pocheina are related to Acrasis or is there is any relationship between Pocheina and the Heterolobosea.

  Acrasis locomotion (Rob Insall, University of Birmingham)

Described species:-

Acrasis rosea
Availability of Strains:-
A. rosea  ATCC
A. rosea CCAP 1508/2 (Stoinovitch & Olive) Plant material, Hastings, Barbados. 1978


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