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Adelphamoeba (Tetramitus)

Page updated 11/8/02

Adelphamoeba was though to be a member of the genus Naegleria but had unusual cyst morphology .  A certain amount of confusion exists about the strain Adelphamoeba now available in collection since it has been shown to be identical to Didaculus thorni (De Jonckheere et al, 1997).  Didaculus thorni has now been reclassified on the basis of SSUrDNA sequence to Tetramitus thorni (Brown & De Jonckheere, 1994).



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De Jonckheere, J. F., Brown, S. S. & Robinson, B. S. (1997) On the identity of the amoeboflagellates Didascalus thorntoni and Adelphamoeba galeacystis, J.Euk.Microbiol. 44, 52-54.

Napolitano, J. J. & Smith, B.-H. (1975) Nuclear division in the ameboflagellate Adelphamoeba galeacystis., J.Protozool. 22, 196-199.

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