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Dimorphamoeba is my own unpublished invention, it is a proposed genus of marine amoeba so far found in the open sea and rock pools in Scotland, S. England, and N.W. France.  The amoeba are very small (<10mm in length, 3mm width) when in limax mode of locomotion but able to change into a flabellate morphology (Like Rhizamoeba, Learamoeba (Sawyer et al, 1998)).  By morphological and life style criteria (Page, 1983), Dimorphamoeba seems to be a member of the family, Vahlkampfiidae .  So far five strains of the proposed genus have been isolated:-


Name Isolated Pellet Media
BB1 Bournemouth beach, open seawater. April 2000 Yellow MY75S
BEM1 Benodet (North Western France), Estaurine mud, July 2000 Yellow MY75S
GB2YK Gullane beach (South East Scotland) Supra-littoral rock pool, April 2000 White MY75S
BD7 Yellowcraigs(South East Scotland) Supra-littoral rock pool, July 2000 ? MY75S
BM432 Beg Meil (North Western France), Supra-littoral rock pool, July 2000 White MY75S

Sawyer, T.K., Nerad, T.A., Cahoon, L.B. & Nearhoof, J.E.(1998). "Learamaeba waccamawensis, N.G., N. Sp. (Heterolobosea: Vahlkampfiidae), a new temperature-tolerant cyst-forming soil amoeba. J.Euk.Microbiol. 45(3): 260-264.

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