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updated 10/5/02

As the name suggest Filamoeba is a filose amoeba. Filamoeba appears from SSUrDNA to be related to Mastigamoeba and more distantly to Gephyramoeba, Dictyostelium and Physarum (Amaral Zettler et al, 2002).  Organisms grouping with Filamoeba nolandi were detected in the naturally polluted Rio Tinto, a river with a pH of 2 and high levels of metals dues to its waters draining from iron-rich deposits (Amaral Zettler et al, 2002).

Filamoeba at the Protist Information Server

Described species:-

Filamoeba nolandi
Available strains:-

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Smirnov, A.V. (1999). "An illustrated survey of gymnamoebae isolated from anaerobic sediments of the Niva bay (The Sound)." Ophelia 50(2), 113-148.

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