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Page updated 2/4/02

An unusual amoebo-flagellate group with features shared with the Vahlkampfidae and the genus Mayorella.  It is probable that the genus is "flagellate" more than "amoebal", but is included here as there are indications than this genus may be related to more obviously amoebal groups.  The scales are especially intriguing! The studies from two species indicate that the scales form on the surface of mitochondria rather than being put together on the Golgi!

Described species:-

Gyromitus cordiformitus (Skuja, 1948). The type species.
Gyromitus disomatus (Swale & Belcher, 1974)
Gyromitus limax (Swale & Belcher, 1975)


.Skuja, H. (1948). "Taxonomie des phytoplanktons einiger seen in Uppland, Schweded." Symp.bot.upsal. 9, 1-399.

Swale, E.M.F. & Belcher, J.H. (1974). "Gyromitus disomatus Skuja - a free-living colourless flagellate." Arch. Protistenk. 116, 211-220.

Swale, E.M.F. & Belcher, J.H. (1975). "Gyromitus limax nov.sp.- Free-living colourless amoebo-flagellate." Arch. Protistenk. 117, 20-26.


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