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Page updated 2/4/02

Histomonas meleagrisA parasitic amoeba flagellate of game birds causing "blackhead", an often fatal condition in which the comb of fowl turns necrotic.  The organism is present as a flagellate (one to four flagella) in the bird's gut, but as an amoeba in the liver and other organs. Cells are shed in faeces so infecting other birds in enclosed conditions.  This amoeba, like Dientamoeba fragilis, also can be spread by its ability to infect a nematode, in the case of Histomonas meleagris, the nematode is Heterakis gallinae (Jahn & Jahn, 1949).  Dientamoeba fragilis  is carried in eggs of the slightly pathogenic nematode Enterobius vermicularis.


Jahn, T.L. & Jahn, F.L. (1949). "How to know the Protozoa". Iowa, Wm.C.Brown Publ.

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