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Page updated 21/8/03

Learamoeba waccamawensis (Sawyer et al, 1998) is presently the only member of the genus. The amoeba was isolated from a roadside ditch near Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina US. Even though the SSUrDNA gene from this amoeba  is 98.7% identical to Tetramitus rostratus, the author felt that Learamoeba deserved inclusion in its own genus as it has distinctive features.



Sawyer, T.K., Nerad, T.A., Cahoon, L.B. & Nearhoof, J.E.(1998). "Learamaeba waccamawensis, N.G., N. Sp. (Heterolobosea: Vahlkampfiidae), a new temperature-tolerant cyst-forming soil amoeba. J.Euk.Microbiol. 45(3): 260-264.


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