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Page updated 11/8/03

An amoeba with a tongue shaped pseudopod that gives this genus. Lingulamoeba SSUrDNA sequence analysis shows that the genus Lingulamoeba is related to Vannella (Sogin et al, 1996; Peglar et al, 2003) and so is placed in the family Vannellidae.  An E.M. study of Lingulamoeba leei (Peglar et al, 2003) found no glycostyles but a glycocalyx organised as a uniform layer of about 50 nm in thickness. The same study found evidence of a trichocyst-like inclusion.

Lingulamoeba at the Protist Information Server


Described species:-

Lingulamoeba leei ()



Page, F.C. (1988)

Peglar, M. T., Amaral Zettler, L. A., Anderson, O. R., Nerad, T. A., Gillevet, P. M., Mullen, T. E., Frasca Jr, S., Silverman, J. D., O'Kelly, C. J. & Sogin, M. L. (2003) Two new small-subunit ribosomal RNA gene lineages within the subclass Gymnamoebia.  J.Eukaryot.Microbiol. 50, 224-232.

Sogin, M. L., Silberman, J.D, Hinkle, G. & Morrison, H.G. (1996). "Problems with molecular diversity in the eukarya.".Society of General Microbiology Symposium: Evolution of microbial Life ed.Roberts, D.M., Sharp, P., Alderson, G. & Collins, M.A. Cambridge University Press. pp167-184.

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