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Page updated 2/4/02

So far only one described species M. marina, it is found throughout the world's oceans in sub-tropical mangrove swamps (Rogerson & Gwaltney, 2000), deep-sea hydrothermal vents in the Eastern Pacific (Atkins et al, 2000), the Southern Baltic sea (Garstecki & Arndt, 2000), and the North West Altlantic.

M. marina. (Larsen & Patterson, 1990), A very small amoebo-flagellate (5-8um in length).  All seven strains so far isolated have 99% identical SSUrDNA sequences! (Atkins et al, 2000), and this analysis also shows that Massisteria groups within the order Cercomonadida (a group of heterotrophic flagellates).

Strains available:-

M. marina ATCC 50266 (Sawyer & Small, 1990) Hudson Canyon, North West Altlantic.partial SSUrDNA gene RF77228.
M. sp ATCC 50817 (Nerad) SA-04190002 no further details available.

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