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The only member of the genus Neovahlkampfia is Neovahlkampfia damariscottae having been removed from the genus Vahlkampfia on the basis of SSUrDNA sequence analysis (Brown & De Jonckheere, 1999). It is expected that many more amoeba presently known as Vahlkampfia will be included within the genus Neovahlkampfia as more SSUrDNA sequences become available.  However, it is worth mentioning that not everyone is content with SSUrDNA analysis as the ultimate determinant of  identity (see Learamoeba for example). This amoeba has been studied at the light and microscopic levels (Page, 1980).

Strain availability:-

Neovahlkampfia (as Vahlkampfia) damariscottae CCAP 1588/7  Marine Estuary Damariscotta River, Maine.


Brown, S. and J. F. De Jonckheere (1999). "A reevaluation of the amoeba genus Vahlkampfia based on SSUrDNA sequences." Eur.J.Protistol. 35: 49-54

Page, F.C. (1980). "A light- and electron-microscopical comparison of limax and flabellate marine amoebae belonging to four genera." Protistlogica 16(1): 57-78.

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