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Paramoeba (neoparamoeba)

Page updated 21/8/03

So far this genus is known to be exclusively marine (Page, 1983). Paramoeba has been placed in the family Paramoebidae along with Mayorella and Dactylamoeba.  However, Page (Page, 1983) was not convinced of the validity of the genus as it stood then and preferred the Family name Mayorellidae instead. Paramoeba permaquidensis groups close to Acanthamoeba according to older SSUrDNA analysis (Sogin et al 1996), however, more recent studies with more amoeba indicate a kinship with Vannella (Fiala & Dykova, 2003).  Members of this genus are known to be pathogenic for fish (Kent et al, 1988; Paniagua et al, 1998), echinoderms ( Jones & Scheibling, 1985) and arthropods (Sprague & Beckett, 1966).  Paramoeba has been re-named Neoparamoeba and more details on the genus are to be found under this name.




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