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Page updated 22nd Jan '05

The genus Paravahlkampfia has been removed from the genus Vahlkampfia on the basis of SSUrDNA sequence analysis (Brown & De Jonckheere, 1999).  The original P. ustiana is described as being 30-65 um in length (Page, 1974), however, a second stain has been isolated from the gut of lizards that is slightly smaller than this at between 20-50 um in length (5um width).  The cysts of the lizard strain were also smaller with a diameter of 10-15 um compared to a mean of 15.4um for the Page strain.  This second strain differs in only 4pb in the 1,867 bp of the SSurDNA gene (Schuster et al, 2003; AJ550994), and so may be the same species.  Other differences between the two are that the lizard strain cannot feed on E.coli and thrives at 42oC using tissue cultures cells as food. A second species P. lenta has been isolated from soil near Kelso in Southern Scotland (Brown & De Jonckheere, 2004). P. lenta was classified by an analysis of the internal transcribed spacer including the 5.8S rDNA gene.  Mean length 37-80 um and breadth 11-24 um.  Locomotion of P. lenta is sluggish.

Neovahlkampfia is the nearest genus to Paravahlkampfia in some analysis (Brown & De Jonckheere, 2004) but not others (see Heteroboseans on these pages).


Available strains:-

P. ustiana (Page, 1974) CCAP1588/6 SSUrDNA AJ224890
P. lenta (Brown & De Jonckheere, 2004) CCAP1540/1 ITS including 5.8S rDNA AJ698857.  From soil Southern Scotland.



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Brown, S. & De Jonckheere, J. F. (2004) Isolation of a new vahlkampfiid amoeba from soil: Paravahlkampfia lenta n. sp.  Eur. J. Protistol. 40, 289-294.

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