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The only member of the genus Pernina to date is Pernina chaumonti  (El Kadiri, G. & Joyon, L. 1992).  The position of Pernina chaumonti is not presently clear but this amoeba has features of the Vahlkampfiidae being limax.  An oddity of this marine amoeba is that depite the fact that it originated from a fully marine environment and it cannot tolerate dilute media, the amoeba is able to form a cyst.  Pernina is also phycophagous being able to ingest Porphyridium.  No flagellate stage was seen.



El Kadiri, G. and Joyon, L. (1992). "Perina chaumonti, n.g., n.sp., a new marine amoeba (Rhizopoda, Heterolobosea)." Eur.J.Protistol. 28: 43-50.


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