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There has been only one species ascribed to the genus Pontifex, and this has only been studied at the light microscopic level (as far as I know).  According to Page (Page 1983), Pontifex (Schaeffer, 1926) is an invalid genus as this organism had been previously described as Amoeba tentaculata (Gruber, 1881).  However, Page (Page 1983) suggests that both are in fact not naked amoebae but belong to the genus Trichosphaerium, this would account for the fact that the amoeba were able to use Fucus ( a green seaweed) as a food source, as Trichosphaerium is a voracious seaweed feeder (Polne-Fuller, 1987).
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Pontifex maximus (Schaeffer, 1926), Marine found in culture with Fucus  from Maine, USA. 100-500mm in length, 50-200mm in width. Locomotes slowly. 


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