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Only one species so far described (as far as I know), S. tardus was described as being rare, it was isolated from shallow sea water among blue-green algae in Key Largo, Florida USA. in July 1921 (Schaeffer, 1926).

Striolatus at the Protist Information Server

Striolatus tardus (Schaeffer, 1926). Bi-nucleate amoeba with a stelate floating form (like Vannella etc).  60mm in length. No crystals present. Said to consume diatoms. A very slow amoeba taking "several minutes" to locomote it own length. No uroid distinguishable.


Schaeffer, A. (1926) "Taxonomy of the amebas." Pap.Dept.Mar.Biol.Carnegie Institut. Wash. Vol XXIV, 1-116.

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