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Page updated 2/4/02


Described species:-

S. polymorpha 

S. regulata (Smirnov, 1995)

Rogerson, A. (1991). "On the abundance of marine naked amoebae on the surface of five species of macroalgae." FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 85, 301-312.

Sawyer, T.K. (1975). "Marine amoebae from surface waters of Chincoteaque bay, Virginia : Two new genera and nine species within the families Mayorellidae, Flabellulidae, and Stereomyxidae."  Trans.Amer.Microscop.Soc. 94(1), 71-92.

Smirnov, A.V. (1995). "Stygamoeba regulata n.sp. (Rhizopoda): a marine amoeba with an unusual combination of light microscopic and ultrastructural features." Arch.Protistenkd. 146, 299-307.



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