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Page updated 2/4/02

Not to be confused with another cell wall degrading genus VampyrellaVampyrellidium has some ultrastructural similarity to Nuclearia as well as sharing a relativily simple life history (Patterson et al, 1987). The genus is also similar in feeding habit to the Vampyrellid amoeba described by Old & Darbyshire (Old & Darbyshire, 1978). Mitochondria are similar to Nuclearia and both have golgi surrounding the nucleus and a filamentous surface coat.  The most remarkable feature of both  Vampyrellidium and Nuclearia is a perinuclear striated band associated with microtubules! However, Vampyrellidium is similar to Vampyrella and differs from Nuclearia in that it feeds on algae by penetration. A large Vampyrellid amoeba (100um in length), has been found to be relatively common in waters around mangrove in Florida, US. (Rogerson & Gwaltney, 2000).

The phylogenetic position of the group is uncertain.

Vampyrellidium perforans

Isolated first from Loughrigg Tarn, Lake District, England. April 1977 (Patterson et al, 1987).

Vampyrellidium vagans

The original member of the genus described by Zopf (Zopf, 1885)


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